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Master Course Requirement

Master Course Requirement

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Social enterprise and nonprofit organization

Research method

Human resources management

The theory of corporative economic

Comparative cooperative system

Cooperatives and corporate law

Service operations management

Seminar on community empowerment and cooperatives

Special topics in non-profit financial management

Seminar of nonprofit organization management

Organizational Behavior

Micro-finance and credit cooperatives

Data Mining

Managerial Economics

Human resource development

Seminar on corporate governance and the leadership effectiveness

Cooperatives and globalization

Multivariate analysis

Marketing management

Western business etiquette

Seminar of social marketing

Human resources management for non-profit organization

Seminar on non-profit organization accounting


Project management

Psychology for organization

Organization theory and management

seminar of contemporary agricultural cooperative management

Seminar of green economy

Qualitative research method

Customer relationship management





Case study of management

Master thesis

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

Public economics

Cultural and creative industries business and development

Business presentation skills

Seminar on voluntary services in cooperatives and non-profits

The management of cooperatives and non-profit organizations

Marketing research project

Volunteering and volunteer management

Social capital

Seminar on non-profit management as public services

International business cultures

Project management case study

Industry and competition analysis

Strategy management

Seminar of fundraising

Seminar of contemporary consumers’ cooperation management

Seminar for certification of corporate social responsibility

Seminar on non-profit/ foundation entrepreneurship and management

Industrial economics

Habitual domains and business management

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy

Seminar on caring/ health services and worker cooperatives

Internet marketing

Performance management